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  • Astra III / Commercial Espresso Machine

Astra Mega III

The ASTRA Mega III is a full size three group machine capable of producing 720 cups per hour. Because of its ability to produce an unparalleled number of cups per hours, the Mega III is the perfect choice for busy coffee houses.

The Mega III is standardly equipped with three steam wands and one hot water valve OR two steam wands and two hot water valves but can be modified to fit the user's requirements.

The Mega III is available as a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine in 220 volt and is available in a variety of colors.

Production: 720 cups per hour

Boiler (Liters): 18

Wattage: 5,700

Height (inches): 20"

Depth (Inches): 19.5"

Width (Inches): 35.5"

Weight (lbs.): 150 lbs.

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