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Business Coffee: Delivered For Your Team

Business Coffee Delivery Service / Richmond, VA

How To Bring Good Coffee to Your Team? 

Carytown Coffee is a locally owned & operated coffee roaster and full service coffee distributor.

Our mission is to roast the best brew of coffee from farm to cup. Our in house roasting room allows us to keep fresh, small batch roasts always rolling out fresh to our clients! 

  • Sustainable
  • Farm to Cup
  • Crafted

Carytown Coffee offers a wide variety of Fair Trade and organic coffees and teas. 

95% of our coffees are roasted on site in Midlothian, Virginia and some of our originial coffee blends have been roasted in house and loved for more than 20 years.

Our Process, It's as easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1.  Tell Us What You Need

Our team loves to chat coffee. We can work out what you want, and which options would be best for you - based on your office and its needs.

Step 2.   Schedule A Coffee Tasting Visit

We’ll arrange a 30-minute visit with you, to tell your stakeholders what we’re about and show off a few of our delicious brews!

Step 3.  Enjoy Business' Coffee, On Your Terms

Make the most of having great coffee available at your company. Just shout if anything needs tweaking - from machine maintenance to delivery frequency.


Why Might Carytown Coffee be Perfect for You?

We're already fueling hundreds of offices with some of the world's most incredible coffee

  • Quality of Product

    We only use beans that have been awarded an international Coffee Quality Score of 80 or above.
  • Variety of Coffee

    We're constantly switching up which coffees we have available, as our travels uncover incredible new finds.
  • Freshness of Your Coffee

    We roast and grind our own coffee, delivered to you with days for the freshest taste possible.
  • Excellence

    We accept nothing but the best at each step: during sourcing, growing, processing, quality control, roasting and grinding, equipment procurement and customer service.

  • Flexibility

    We offer tailor-made packages to suit your team, depending on the number of employees and your preferences.


What Type of Machines Do We Offer

Filter, Espresso / Bean to Cup or Espresso

Yes it is a lot of choices.  Don’t worry - we’ll guide you through the pros and cons and
help you choose the best option for your business.


Astra Espresso Bean to Cup / Business Coffee Services

Espresso / Bean to Cup


  • Barista-style coffee

  • Semi/fully-automatic, and high capacity

  • Idiot proof

  • Enjoy a range of 2-3 espressos at a time


  • Requires daily maintenance

  • Long-term commitment




  • Full access to our menu

  • Perfect coffee, every time

  • Makes batches: good for meetings and social spaces

  • Short-term commitment


  • Manually operated

  • Only makes black coffee


Espresso & Filter


  • Offices have the highest satisfaction rating from this option

  • Something for everyone: from barista-style treats to exploring new origins

  • Wide selection of choices

  • Self-serve and meeting room coffee covered


  • Almost none!


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