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Equipment List for your Coffee Shop

Coffee Equipment List / Coffee Shop / Restaurant

When you’re opening a full service restaurant, a cafe or a coffee shop, it can be difficult to think through each and every item you’ll need to run a successful business. But when it comes to how to set up a cafe, acquiring the necessary equipment is very important – and you don’t want to forget critical items, only to find yourself needing them when you open your doors to the public.

That’s why at Carytown Coffee, we’ve put together this Startup Coffee Equipment List for your basic setup! With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to make sure you’ve got everything you need – before you open your doors!


Coffee, Espresso and Beverage Equipment

  1. Espresso Machine

    The first step for any independent coffee shop is sourcing coffee beans that will give your drinks the distinct, fresh flavor that will define your brand.

    The second step is choosing an espresso machine that allows you to transform those beans into lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and other specialty drinks. These espresso-based drinks will not only draw in customers, but they will boost your revenue more than selling cup after cup of plain, black coffee.

    While there is used equipment for sale, buying a new espresso machine is recommended since this will be the workhorse of your coffee shop.

    Here are some of the espresso machines that we stand behind with our guarantee and that our service techs are professionally trained to maintain for you.  
  2. Espresso Grinder

    Grinding your beans in house and throughout the day is the key to creating the best drinks possible. In fact, grinding beans even 10 minutes prior to brewing can result in a noticeable decline in the flavor.

    But, why does freshly grinding coffee beans make such a difference? It increases the surface area of the bean and gives you access to the rich oils and soluble particles that create the distinct taste and aroma of different brews.

    Espresso grinders are designed to make the ultra-fine grind that espresso machines require to work properly.

  3. Regular Coffee Grinder

    Although customers who order specialty drinks will far outnumber the ones who prefer regular, black coffee, it's important to accommodate all of your customers!

    A single grinder for both regular and decaf drip coffee can generally keep up with the lesser demand for this type of drink.

  4. Coffee Brewers

    While one regular coffee brewer should be sufficient for the average coffee shop, there are plenty of types to choose from. Automatic brewers, pourover coffee machines, and coffee urns are a few of the many ways to brew and serve coffee.

    Coffee Brewers are just as important in keeping your coffee loving customers stopping in and filling up or even just a quick top off.

  5. Decanters, Airpots, and Satellite Servers

    Coffee often brews into glass decanters, but there are also airpot and satellite brewers which brew into vessels that can keep coffee hotter for longer.

    These are great options for a self-serve station.

  6. Frappe and Smoothie Blenders

    A blender with a sound shield is necessary so you can make frozen espresso-based drinks like iced lattes, frappes, and macchiatos. The sound shield allows you to use the blender without disturbing the ambiance at your business, which is especially important for small operations where there is little separation between the drink prep area and the seating area.

    A high speed blender is recommended for a smoother consistency and faster service. 

  7. Iced Tea Brewers and Iced Tea Dispensers

    From traditional iced tea to unsweetened lemon tea to southern sweet tea, iced tea is a classic drink that customers love to sip in the summertime.

    You can purchase an independent tea brewer dedicated to this type of beverage, but depending on the size of your coffee shop, you may also want to look into combination coffee and tea brewers to save on counter space.

    Iced Tea Brewers and Dispensers

    Once you've made tea, there are plenty of dispenser options to choose from as well.

Follow this equipment checklist – and get what you need!

Starting any business can be complex – and coffee shops, cafes and restaurants are no different. Even if you follow this guide to a “T”, you’re likely to forget or neglect an important purchase – so make sure you anticipate this, and give yourself time to acquire everything you need before you open your coffee shop.

But with this coffee equipment checklist, you’ll be able to get the important equipment that you need to get started.

For more helpful advice about starting up a cafe, be sure to schedule an appointment with our team!

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